brace yourselves… w i n t e r   i s   c o m i n g

If you want justice, you’ve come to the wrong place.


the first and the last

Details of Sansa’s new dress from The Mountain and the Viper


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Katie McGrath > Game Of Thrones (pt.1)


If the lords of the Seven Kingdoms grew accustomed to Queen Cersei’s   r u l e, it would be that much easier for them to bend their knees to Queen Myrcella.

Queen Elizabeth Visits Game Of Thrones Studio In Belfast (x)

the pack survives.


its 2020, grrm finally finishes asoiaf

jojen reed has the iron throne, he conquereed along jeyne westerling and tysha.

edric storm is azor ahai.


Indira Varma as Ellaria  Sand in Game of thrones season 4 


The end credits of game of thrones are on a black background specifically so you can see the look of horror on your face reflected in your computer screen